Musical Artist & Lo-fi Beats Producer


George Pham is a well-known Musical Artist by profession. This wasn’t easy to achieve but Pham enjoyed the journey to get to where he is right now. George was born and raised in Timaru, New Zealand and has attended schools there since the beginning. As of now, Pham is attending Roncalli College as a musical "Lofi Beats" artist.

George Pham is a musician and producer from Timaru, New Zealand. This New Zealand producer fresh out of Timaru is making his way to success one step at a time. With an innovative and creative musical approach and a craving to become the best version of himself. Technical, creative and self-managed are three words that represent George Pham.

As well as drop-shipping, George creates lo-fi music using his computer and streams it on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

“I take all of my thoughts and feelings and release it into my music,” he said.
The Roncalli College student’s proudest moment was making $5000 in two days.

George Pham is known for being a producer and musical artist, George was born and raised in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand. George creates and produces ‘lo-fi’ hip-hop for his audience to be streamed on many platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. He fell in love with the unique and oddly specific genre of lo-fi hip-hop.


“VISION”, a brand new EP by George Pham,  stands out as a groundbreaking combination of different ideas and creative influences. ”VISION” is a fantastic achievement for this talented producer, The sound of this EP feels like a huge step forward for an artist who knows how to really set the bar higher in terms of bringing new creative ideas to his flow. 

"My music career has taught me a lot of things, It took off late 2020 when I saw success on one of my first songs ‘The First Step’ this song was created to show and tell that everybody is insecure about things and that we all need the confidence to come forward and ignore it, I create music on topics that are on my mind, I think music and especially Lofi beats are very peaceful; even therapeutic. And for that reason I continue to make and post music. I'm more than happy and excited for the future and where life takes me."

George Pham is a true inspiration as an artist, inspiring countless people through his music and the development of new rhythms. The music balances all of the pleasure, sorrow, achievement, and loss. Music offers him a new lease on life and a new path. He shares all of his thoughts, feelings, and struggles in a very beautiful way through songs. 


New Zealand musician George Pham has confirmed his new album ‘VISION’ will be dropping by the end of 2021. 


In early December 2021, George confirmed that Project ‘VISION’ was entering the production process. Speaking on the topic to his close friends and family, telling the public they would be hearing his music very soon.

George is a musician who has influenced many people through his music and the creation of new rhythms. Music gives it new life and a new path. He uses music to express all of his feelings, emotions and challenges in a very creative and unique way. He expresses his emotions to others in the form of words and music. The music was inspired for him by many different artists of the genre, Lo-Fi caught his interest in late 2019 and inspired him, giving him the chance to try it out for himself.

According to George, the support from his friends, family and community has been incredible. This gave him the drive and motivation to continue making and releasing music.