My name is George Edwin Pham and I am an entrepreneur by profession. Of course, this wasn’t easy to achieve but I have enjoyed the journey to get to where I am right now. I was born in New Zealand and have attended schools there since the beginning. As of now, I am attending Roncalli College and And am a musical "Lofi Beats" artist.

As well as drop-shipping, I create lo-fi music using my computer and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

I have always had a passion for finance and entrepreneurship. Many people don’t realize their passion early in life but I did. I have loved the idea of making money for myself and I have always been inspired by YouTubers who do this best. When I was 11 or 12 years old I wanted to get into e-commerce. This was my dream at the time and I pursued it with vigor. This is where my idea for an e-commerce store was born. I didn’t want a 9 to 5 life and so I decided to give it my all and open a store with my business partner and close friend James Loan. I now have articles on Stuff NZ, Thrive Global and more.

This journey was not easy. I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos so I could learn how to make money on my own. I became fascinated with this and I watched videos such as “How to make money as a teen”, “How to dropship for beginners”, and much more. We fell in love with the idea of e-commerce and me and my James knew we had to fulfill this dream. So, we began working day and night coming up with everything for our store. We researched how to use Tiktok, Instagram, and different social media algorithms to our advantage so we could make the most of our store. Every day we are working on gaining new knowledge about advertising and marketing so our venture can be successful in the long run.
Our e-commerce store has been incredibly successful till now and we can’t wait for it to be successful even further. We aim to provide the best products to our consumers so that they can have something high-quality and durable in their hands. We have served many people till now and we aim to continue to serve in the future as well. I am constantly learning how to make my platform better and provide a well-rounded service to my customers. This dream was not easy but now that we are here, the only way is up.