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George Pham is a well-known indie Musical Artist and Producer known primarily for his hit single ‘The First Step’ and EP ‘Vision’, George was born and raised in Timaru, New Zealand and has attended schools there since the beginning. As of now, Pham is attending Roncalli College as a musical "Lo-fi Beats" artist.

"I create lo-fi music using my computer and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon."

George Pham is known for being a producer and musical artist, George was born and raised in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand. George creates and produces ‘lo-fi’ hip-hop for his audience to be streamed on many platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. George said that his interest, background thoughts and motives tie in and produce a special and unique story.
"My music career has taught me a lot of things, It took off in late 2020 when I saw success on one of my first songs ‘The First Step’ this song was created to show and tell that everybody is insecure about things and that we all need the confidence to come forward and ignore it, I create music on topics that are on my mind, I think music and especially Lo-fi beats are very peaceful; even therapeutic. And for that reason, I continue to make and post music. I'm more than happy and excited for the future and where life takes me"
“The word “Lo-fi” is actually short for “low fidelity” and when it first arose it was seen to be a low-quality track or recording with flaws and defects, such as background noise or performance errors, recorded with inexpensive and cheap equipment on a budget, pretty much the opposite of high fidelity or hi-fi production and not needing fancy gear.”
George said that ever since he was in primary school, he fell in love with the unique and oddly specific genre of lo-fi hip-hop. He mentioned that lo-fi was something that was so distinctive to any other genre he had listened to before.
George Pham has diligently refined his technique in order to accomplish his dream; he’s pushing his music into uncharted territory and looking for new methods to improve his work through collaborations. George Pham is also dedicated to conveying his unique perspective to the globe, reminding audiences that blurring the barriers and ingraining one’s identity in the profession has no bounds. He understands his responsibilities and is well-versed in the finer points of well-executed craftsmanship. While he wears several hats, it’s clear that he’s accomplished far more than the majority of artists in his field.


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